200: Two Hundred Episodes Powered by Sauce Labs with Lubos Parobek

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Welcome to the 200th episode of TestTalks. Thanks for your listening awesomeness! Rather than make this milestone episode all about me — I wanted to talk more about Sauce Labs and all the innovation you’ve been up to. And remind folks that Sauce Labs’ sponsorship is what enables me to continue doing this week after week. So listen up and discover why I’m proud to have Sauce as my exclusive sponsor.


About Lubos Parobek

Lubos is a seasoned software marketing and product management professional. His previous gigs include serving as vice president of product management at DELL as well as leadership positions at organizations including KACE, Sybase, iAnywhere, AvantGo, and 3Com. At Sauce, Parobek leads strategy and development of Sauce Labs' web and mobile application testing platform. Lubos holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Recently we (Sauce Labs) were named as a leader in the IDC MarketScape. It's a long title it's called World Wide Mobile Testing and Digital Quality Vendor Assessments. One of the things the report called out as they said Sauce Labs really ease the use of open source selenium and Appium for testing. They also noted that Sauce has a broad solution across web and mobile apps spanning desktops, simulators, emulators and real devices. They also called out our focus on the enterprise and we're extremely excited to have this validation by market research firms like IDC.
  • On one of the things that's unique about the Sauce Conference is that most of the presentations are by customers not by saucers. And so it's great it's a great way to see what your peers and industry are doing and learn about a variety of best practices. For me even just the talks themselves are super educational because it gives me a viewpoint into what customers are worried about, what kind of challenges are they trying to solve.
  • The other thing that might be interesting to listeners is we definitely are seeing more and more interest in what I would call Environmental Testing. And this idea here is how you make your testing environment as realistic as possible. So, for example, being able to change the networking speeds. Go to 2G to see what your site or what your app would do in a low bandwidth situation.
  • So what we're doing is as part of your automated tests you can pass a new desire to the ability called Extended Debugging and if you pass on that new desired capability we will collect the console log as well as the HAR file and the HAR file is the HTTP archive file that contains all the requests or responses that the browser is making. And so those two logs can provide a host of valuable information for where something might have broken.
  • We're really excited about our support for XCUI Test and Espresso.
  • I personally believe that there's lots of potential for AI/ML but you know like anything else that any other technology that you're early into is going to be a while before we see super practical and useful applications of it. We definitely have some research projects that I can't talk about publicly but we're definitely looking at and we think there's lots of opportunity especially around helping customers with unreliable tests. But probably the most popular area right now is is around you know startups trying to figure out how to automatically write tests for customers by spidering.

Connect with Lubos Parobek

  • Email:LUBOS [@] saucelabs .com 
  • Company: Sauce Labs

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