183: Why Test Automation is Fun with Corina Pip

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Are you looking to expand your tester’s toolbox with automation but don’t know where to start? Are you unsure what the benefits of automation are, or whether it’s even worth it? In this episode, Corina Pip will share tips, tools, and libraries you can use to help you get up running with automation. Sound boring? No way! Corina shows how much fun test automation can actually be.

About Corina Pip

Corina is a senior test automation consultant, with focus on testing by means of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Spring, Maven, and other cool frameworks and tools. Her previous endeavors include working on navigation devices and in the online gaming industry. She loves automation and always tries to learn something new, improving her automation skills and spreading the knowledge to her peers. Apart from work, Corina is a testing blogger, an amateur photographer, and a GitHub contributor.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Well first of all the first thing that I have to mention is that automation it's a lot of fun. I know it's very difficult to get into automation because first of all, we have so many tools these days that you can use and so many programming languages and so on. So it's a bit difficult to pinpoint exactly where you want to go which area you want to take but it's fun because it's a once a learning process. So you know learning takes a lot of time. You are not going to know something from scratch from the beginning you need to invest some time in learning and so on but the benefits on the long run are huge. And I think people should not be afraid of getting into automation because there are so many benefits out of that.
  • First of all you know for a manual tester you usually have to test the same thing over and over and over again and boredom comes in you know you're really bored of testing the same thing over again. And if you do automation you can just you know eliminate some of the things that you don't find that fun to do. And sometimes when you do manual testing you're also kind of you know when you're running the same thing over and over again you're you're you're a little bit to overlook some things because you expect the software to work in a certain way and then because you're doing that all the time you're not necessarily reading this case anymore and you're just you know from memory are kind of doing the same manual tasks every day.
  • But if you do automation and you run the tests you know the tests are not going to lie. If that test you have some checks that are performed. Those with every day the same way. So they're independent of your personal opinion about the software and they will highlight anything that that's an issue there. So it kind of really helps you to eliminate the part of the manual work that you might kind of not want to do anymore.
  • I'm really happy about being an automation engineer is that I have a closer way of being to my developers and it's an easier way to communicate with them because once I know automation I kind of I don't know everything that they called, of course, I don't know all of job I don't know all of the things that they're doing but it helps me better understand what they are doing and it helps me understand what they need to test because you know I don't like testing black box. I don't like a feature to come to me to be tested without me knowing anything about what's under the hood. So knowing that automation helps me to go over code reviews views that they are doing.
  • So if I'm in a discussion with them having my automation background I can I can understand better what they're trying to do and what they're trying to implement and I can you know ask them OK if we're going to implemented like this we do this affects particular areas of the components or does it have a performance impact and so on so I can better understand what they're doing and they can also understand what I'm doing because as their developers they can actually read a good part of my code.
  • The biggest thing that I've seen lately is AI testing, automation you know just take a look and surely you will you will find something that suits your qualities as a tester and that helps you in your day to day work. So just try it out. Don't say NO to automation.


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