170: All Day DevOps with Derek Weeks & Mark Miller

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In this episode, we Test Talks all about All Day DevOps. All Day DevOps is a FREE online community responsible for creating the world's largest DevOps conference. Our 2016 inaugural, 15-hour live online conference attracted 13,500 registered attendees. All Day DevOps 2017 will offer over 100, 30-minute sessions across six tracks in all time zones, simultaneously. Tracks include CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure and Monitoring, DevSecOps, Cultural Transformations, DevOps in Government, and the newly created “Tech Crawl” where companies will invite you to a sneak peek of what it's like to work on DevOps in their organization. All sessions are practitioner-led with a “no vendor pitch” policy strictly enforced.

About Mark Miller

Mark is the co-founder of the “All Day DevOps” live online conference with over 13,500 registrations for the conference inaugural conference in 2016, which included 3 simultaneous sessions, 15 hours, 15 time zones, 54 sessions. This was an extension of SharePoint Saturday EMEA, Live Online, a concept initiated seven years ago for the SharePoint Community.

Mr. Miller is the Editor-in-Chief of the LinkedIn DevOps Group(56K+ members), Executive Producer of the OWASP 24/7 Podcast Series (210,000+ listens), and Producer of the DevOps tracks at RSAC 2017/2016/2015, AppSec EU Belfast 2017, InfoSec Europe 2016, and AppSec USA 2016. Mr. Miller travels the world as the DevOps Evangelist for Sonatype, whom Java developers will recognize as the curator of the Central Repository (400,00 components, 58 billion downloads last year). And his proudest on-stage moment? Practicing a conference session in front of a group of elephant seals on the shores of Antarctica.

Derek Weeks

Don’t just stand there, build something awesome. Co-Founder at @AllDayDevOps. VP and DevOps Advocate at @Sonatype.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • We started this conference last year out of a out of a need that both Mark and I saw within the within the DevOps community both Mark and I had traveled each to probably over 20 dev ops events last year and we saw all of these great speakers come through the event that we got to meet in person in London in San Francisco New York Austin and these other places that we had gone to. But one of the things that we realized is as we met people from different organizations they were sending maybe one two or if they were lucky three people to the DevOps conference in person and they couldn't send their entire organization. And we knew that there were people in different places around the world that could get value from these conversations if they could access them. So we decided to do was put together a DevOps conference online and not simply have a conference that was an eight-person or eight presentations conference over a couple of hours but to really do it at a grand scale.
  • Not only can you see the sessions that you want to see in real time. You can go back and have access to all hundred sessions at your discretion. The interesting thing there too is since we're using YouTube live stream even if you arrive late to one of the sessions you can actually scroll back almost like you've got a DVR a Roku player and watch it from the beginning. The whole idea we want to make sure people have access to all of this formation when they need it not necessarily when we're put together.
  • When Marc and I started this idea we thought this is brand new I think there's enough momentum in the DevOps community to pull something like this off. And I think we could get a thousand people to attend this conference if we pulled it together and at the time that sounded like a really big number. And the idea as word of mouth spread about what we were doing and the scale of the conference that we were pulling off for free for everyone. We ended up with thirteen thousand five hundred people that had registered for the conference which blew away all expectations.
  • But in general, I think that DevOps is just starting to come into the visibility of the players that are going to start using it as a company level. Not only DevOps but DevSecOps – idea that security has to be part of this whole pipeline's story. So what we're offering them is a platform for people to able to come in cold. To be able to select the level at which they want to listen to and learn about DevOps.
  • What we're doing All DevOps for the reasons that it does educate the community and that's what we do best.

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