165: Top 12 PerfGuild Q&A Performance Tips

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PerfGuild WrapUp Test Talks

In this episode, I’ll recap some of the top questions and answers I received during the PerfGuild Conference. PerfGuild was the first ever-online conference 100% dedicated to performance testing. So if you’re involved with performance testing in any way, you’ll definitely benefit from this episode.

About PerfGuild

PerfGuild is a World Wide Online Conference Dedicated 100% to Actionable Performance Testing. Our goal is that you'll pick up a tip, tool, technique or best practices that will accelerate your new or existing performance testing efforts.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • So I think a LoadRunner brings the most accurate virtual user simulation comparing to any tool all the top technologies are supported and a wealth of functionality surrounding technologies that are driving the work load. So the analysis tool is very rich. You can import any data that you want. You can customize things very easily. You can build your own monitors using virtual user very easily and plug your data into LoadRunner. But no matter how you look at it from benchmarks that were done by some of our customers we're actually examining other testing tools. They always prove that LoadRunner is more accurate.
  • Often times what I have found is if you start incorporating some of the performance engineering practices we're going to start doing is very quickly showing the value of doing things like performance testing or performance engineering so that using some of these ruminations or tips and tricks that get started early and showing that SAS value across technology and the business is I think by any anybody's perspective the best way to get started.
  • So I mean then the main purpose of using Raspberry Pi here is to simulate an endpoint generating message to a gateway. And then the gateway we'll pass it to the IoT platform. So the Raspberry Pi here is to simulate the sensors and gateway. But you'll never be able to properly qualify the IoT platform through Raspberry Pi if you take connected houses or connected building you need thousands or millions of gateways talking to the to the cloud. So I would in that type of test I will I will recommend using standard Linux or Windows load generators. Because
  • I wouldn't recommend testing in production if you don't already have monitoring capabilities to make sure you're not breaking production with your test. But if you can keep an eye on things I really think testing and production is the best way to go.
  • I think one of the reasons is that's Gatling is a good fit for propagating Load Test to the whole organization and have all the teams jumping into and bringing load tests into the continuous integration pipeline.
  • If you're on news of the damned 9 out 0f 10 times you don't have a CDN.


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