164: Digital Mobile & Emerging Technologies with Amir Rozenberg

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I’ve recently have been getting lots of request from test talks listeners asking about newer advanced test automation capabilities. So that's what will be Test Talking about today with Amir Rozenberg. In this episode, you'll discover how some emerging technologies are going to affect your digital mobile testing effortfforts.

About Amir Rozenberg

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Director of product management Amir Rozenberg is responsible for core product strategy at Perfecto Mobile, the leading digital cloud, and test automation company. Amir pioneered mobile quality practices at Perfecto to extend the service across the application lifecycle. He has extensive experience in the digital industry with expertise in areas of application development, testing, delivery, and monitoring. Amir led successful synergies with Microsoft, Blazemeter, HP, and others to optimize value delivery to their customers. Previously, Amir led the mobile monitoring practice at Gomez/Compuware.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • We've seen a proliferation of touch id in mobile application and it's really interesting. One of the people that we're getting good perspectives from is a bank called OBS over in Scotland. They just launched Touch ID not only as a login but also as a very streamlined method authenticate in-app transactions and in just five days 72 percent of logons were using Touch ID so they had a tremendous impact. And so a lot of people are looking at touch id and looking to add this into test automation because clearly otherwise you have to do it in manual and manual doesn't lend itself well into you know Agile in automation testing.
  • I think the current approach is that people in the market look at it are doing manual testing this is one approach where you effectively have a slew of devices and with that a slew of manual testers that try to allocate. You know typically we see 30 percent of test cases involving touch idea and this like I mentioned not only for login but also for in-app approvals of money transfers and things of that nature. And so the actual coverage that people get to do manual testing is potentially 5 percent at best. And I guess that doesn't lend itself well to Agile.
  • Yeah that's a really good point both in accessibility mode which layers in a transparent layer on top of the UI in mobile devices as well as in the example that you mentioned. There's sort of a mismatch between what you actually see and if you will that one by one pixel that's in the in the Y and so forth. And so there I think that technologies that have to do with automated you know automated eyes if you will on the application that allow you to identify either labels or images in the UI and allowing them to interact with those not only to validate and you know validate is clearly an area that the likes of Applitools are very good but also interact with them in order to like humans can interact with specific areas of the UI alternatively interact in the case of browsers with components that are outside the view such as extensions and somewhere some brands have extensions that you need to. We need to interact with as well as pop ups that are required to log in HTML5 they want access to your location and storage and camera and so on.
  • So it's really interesting and very timely because we see I see a proliferation of you know chat bots inside applications as well as in Google assistants and Siri and the likes. And many of those for streamlining the experience is now hooking into Siri and Google assistant than the likes. And so creating test cases that drive these chat boards over all of the possible combinations is something that is a new frontier. It's going to really if you will explode the test matrix and required you have new requirements on the scalability of test cases. We believe I believe that what needs to happen in this area is that there has to be automation that is scalable for test cases. So, for example, you know you need to have a dictionary which is a set of strings if you will data driven test cases that are essentially the sentences that you want to inject into either in the app or the independent voice assistant.
  • So for the longest time if you're a developer of mobile applications or it also if you're a performance engineer or you're a security engineer when you're dealing with a mobile application typically most of the transmissions if not all of them to device backend or service APIs are complete completely encrypted and it's very difficult to understand what's going on what's impacting my end user experience. So if you see the responsiveness of the application being delayed a little bit or you want to run security testing and so forth all that we could do is maybe capture a stream of packets what's called a packet capture file. But most of those, if not all would be, would be encrypted. And typically those engineers do not have the certificate to the backend server and so that whole area of investigation the root cause of application responsiveness or security was completely blocked for mobile developers. Nowadays what we're seeing is that you have the ability to create what's called an HTTP archive repository file in a half hour. And that's essentially layer 7 decrypted file and it gives you a line by line with timing all of the objects that are downloaded from each server with its timing DNS time connect time download time etc. and the order in which they download it.

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