163: Sauce Labs Test Analytics with Lubos Parobek

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In this episode, we Test Talk with Lubos Parobek all about the brand new feature recently announce by Sauce Labs –Test Analytics. Test Analytics is the latest addition to the Sauce Labs Automated Testing Cloud. Whats awesome about the Test Analytics feature is that it will help you to reduces the time spent on analyzing test results by providing users trends on key metrics so that they can track down failures faster! So listen up and discover how to speed up your test automation debugging efforts.

About Author

Lubos is a seasoned software marketing and product management professional. His previous gigs include serving as vice president of product management at DELL as well as leadership positions at organizations including KACE, Sybase, iAnywhere, AvantGo and 3Com. At Sauce, Parobek leads strategy and development of Sauce Labs' web and mobile application testing platform.

Lubos holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.


Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • So yeah we're very excited at the conference to introduce Sauce analytics and it provides insights that allow our customers to optimize their testing for both higher speed and quality. The initial release which came out just a few weeks ago at the conference includes a few real time measures and we'll be adding to these over time. But the initial real time measures include the quantity of test pass fail trend's error rates and even test efficiencies statistics. All of these measures can be sliced and diced with a variety of multi dimensional filters. Those filters include operating system browser the time frames so you can select anywhere from 30 days to you know down to a minute. As well as by different teams or individuals that are running the tests. We also made it really easy to test analytics to drill down through these numbers so that you can actually identify that the specific build or test information that might be the root cause of a negative trend.
  • We've had lots of discussions and surveys and there were some little some real common themes, common questions that people were asking you know one was you know “hey is my quality satisfactory on you know all the relevant platforms I want to support you know the key browsers are trying to support the theory that the mobile devices are trying to support?” Another question that came up a lot was basically “hey are there particular problems in my infrastructure, particular errors that are popping up that are causing bottlenecks or causing the test to fail?” Another one was “he helped me understand am I actually running my test in parallel or you know am I getting you know the efficiency that I that I should be getting in terms of my Sauce Labs subscription?” You know then there was much more kind of tactical questions just like hey you know what's the root cause of the high failure rate on a safari. You know and then also just very big picture questions like hey my is my build ready to ship or not.
  • So there's a couple of different ways to do that so one is that we make it really easy to kind of use these filters to kind of compare you know different operating systems you know different browsers different devices against each other so you can kind of quickly you know kind of toggle things toggle your filters and see if your getting the amount of testing that you expect on each platform and then you know are the test passing to you or to your satisfaction.
  • We do think that customers of all sizes will benefit but we think that you know certain customers will customers at a certain size will value certain aspects and others will value other aspects. You know our largest customers run and have teams of the hundreds of teams you know are many hundreds of thousands of tests. And what we see when we talk to these customers around analytics is they really want to see trends across teams across apps that might be slowing testing or causing you know quality issues. And you know often benefit by having this kind of wide lens to identify these common bottlenecks for the organization.
  • We definitely believe that the use of known pattern matching and different AI technologies can be really powerful within testing. You know we're at Sauce Labs running over a million and a half tests a day at this point. So we have a kind of a treasure trove of data that we can use to help your customers become better testers.
  • Yeah absolutely. So we actually have an idea portal and so super easy to get to just go to https://saucelabs.ideas and you should be able to submit your ideas there.


Connect with Lubos

  • Email:LUBOS [@] saucelabs .com
  • Company: SauceLabs

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