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Online Performance Testing Conference

Are you or your team struggling with performance testing or are you afraid to release your application the wild because you simply don't know how it's going to perform under load?

Hey, I'm Joe from JoeColantonio.Com, TestTalks and Guild Conferences a blog, podcast and online conference platform dedicated to helping you succeed at creating automation.

And that's why I'm so excited to announce today opening of registration for PerfGuild. The first ever 100 percent online conference dedicated solely to performance testing. We're bringing together 15 plus of some of the best experts in the world when it comes to performance testing.

During the conference, you'll learn what works. More importantly, what doesn't work for some of the top experts I could find to help you create or improve your performance testing efforts.

Our experts are going to help you quickly learn why performance testing is more important now than ever. How to get started with performance testing. How to monitoring infrastructure and interpret results. How to create performance test using tools like Gatling, LoadRunner or JMeter. How to do load testing. How to create performance tests for the internet of things. How to handle performance testing as more and more copy shift left and right with their performance testing efforts and much much more.

Listen this is not a lame webinar. This is a highly curated program guiding you and bringing you only the best of the best performance testing topics and instructors that will expose you to a new tool, technique, or best practice that you need in order to be successful in implementing your performance testing efforts.

Also, this is an attendee focus conference. It's not about me. It's not about the speakers. It's all about YOU. So you're getting access to a community of other smart like-minded peers who are also in search of performance testing awesomeness.

And Guild Conferences are created by testers for testers. So we're all here to help each other out along the way.

I think our Guild Conference style experience is awesome but don't just take my word for it. Dave Haeffner author of The Selenium GuideBook and one of the key contributors to the awesome on-site conference Selenium Conf said “of all the online test automation conferences or online tech conferences he's seen or attended. This was the first one that didn't suck.

So are you in? If so register below. Let's create an epic conference of performance testing awesomeness together. See you inside!

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About Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio is the founder of JoeColantonio.com, TestTalks, and GuildConferences. A blog, podcast and online conference platform dedicated to helping people and organizations succeed with creating automation awesomeness.

TestTalks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • So how do you load test IoT platforms? What are the challenges? So for that, I think the best thing is we have a couple of different sections during the session. First, we will have a short presentation on highlighting the different areas of a typical IOT architecture and see where you should focus the testing effort. And afterward. Don't worry it's going to be technical. We're going to cook something. So first we're going to see how to design and the example of that is a connected egg. So the egg itself here in our example is sending messages. Sending messages about the temperature, the locations, different things about how long I've been here in the market in the fridge or whatever it is. And so we're going to try to design those things. See what kind of interaction you can have with the objects, with users and so on. So that will get a really great example to design that type of scenario. And then the second thing I want to do is I want to cook something very special. I want to make this kind of pie — a Raspberry Pi. Yes because wth the help of a Raspberry Pi we will see. We could take advantage of that by plugging XP chipsets or other chips depending on which network you want to take advantage of. Here we are talking about BLE network's Bluetooth low energy. And you can see that with Raspberry Pi you can install load generators and you will be able to take advantage of all the chipsets to generate messages over those protocols. So a couple of things. Keep yourself prepared. It's going to be very interesting session.
  • Today we're going to chat about distributed tracing and tracking down latency issues in your application. I called this particular session “my app is slow” because for me that's one of the worst things you can hear in software it's tricky to track down. There are a lot of places things can go wrong. And so I want to actually drill in on that see what it looks like. We're going to set up this discussion with a handful of slides that set up the problem introduces Zipkin as a solution. Also, talks about spring clouds sleuth as some things and then we're going actually go do some demonstrations are going to instrument an application see how we can actually capture some of this information and pinpoint a latency problem that then we can go fix. I work at pivotal. The company behind the Java Spring Framework as well as other open source things like RabbitMQ and Cloud Foundry and other projects. I've been a developer and architect the product manager a marketer in my career but the sort of things come up over and over again as we build more complex systems and I started investigating distributed tracing saying about this time last year when I was preparing a course for Pluralsight the training company. And then in the time since I continue to see this come up as we build more complex systems with more components This has never been more important so I'm excited that we're going to get to chat about this today. Let's go ahead jump in.
  • Hi I'm Andy Grabner or Andreas Grabner but please call me Andy. I've been in the performance engineering field for the last eighteen years working for different companies started on the load testing side working for load testing vendor and now the last nine years I've been working with a company called Dynatrace and we do application performance monitoring. Part of my role I'm actually leading the developer in community efforts around using a Dynatrace for performance diagnostics. We actually also have a program where you can actually get Dynatrace for free as part of what we call the Dynatrace personal license. This is actually what I want to show you today because in the last three years since we started that program we had several hundred people that were actually using the Dynatrace personal license but also sending me data there that any help to analyze and show them what the problem is. So I developed a best practice guide on how I analyze performance problems with this free version of our Dynatrace appmon which even though it's free it means the full feature set.
  • Hello my name is Israel Rogoza on my session today is about the importance of load testing during the software development lifecycle. I want to provide you some tips and quick wins to prove this important part of your work. From my experience, bad performance of an application basically using the money for your business. Think about the number of times the website was too slow that you just move to the next option on your list. Think about the number of times you un-install a mobile application since it was too slow. In my session, we will discuss those problems and more. And try to provide a way to overcome those by detecting them in any early phases of development thru constant load testing. So let's start overcoming that challenge. Let's find ways to make Load Testing work for you.

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