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Automation Guild Conference

I’m excited to announce that registration for the Automation Guild Conference 2017 is now open! If you’re involved in test automation on any level, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind, online event.

Anyone who is familiar with test automation knows how difficult it is to create automated tests that are reliable and maintainable. Most automation project don’t succeed – but you can do better.

Automation Guild will save you valuable time and headaches, because you’ll discover from some of the top automation engineers in the industry what works for their successful projects. In fact, the goal of the Automation Guild conference is to help YOU perfect the craft of creating automation awesomeness and accelerate your automation career.

With over 25 speakers, many in-demand automation skills and topics will be covered, including Selenium, GitHub, Continuous Integration, DevOps, REST testing, visual validation testing and more. Whether you’re currently involved in automation or just beginning, we’ve got you covered with either a new tool, technique or best practice that will improve or jumpstart your current testing situation and help you avoid common mistakes that can ruin any automation effort.

So are you ready to accelerate your automation efforts and career? Register NOW and join us to make this an epic conference of automation awesomeness!

Here’s why you should attend this online conference:

  • #1: Discover the best and newest ways to create and succeed with automaton awesomeness Take in 25+ practical, action-oriented software automation testing sessions from the world’s leading experts—all from the comfort of your home or office.
  • #2: Reduce your trial and error time: Why experiment with your automation when you can fast-track your time to success? The experts at this event will show you how focus on what really works in automation.
  • #3: Improve your professional development at a low cost: Most conferences cost thousands of dollars for travel and lost work time while attending a physical event. Not at Automation Guild because it all happens all online. Click here for pricing. (if you feel that you have a special need that make it so you can't afford the conference let me know)
  • #4: Watch sessions live or at your own pace: All of our sessions are held online! You can attend live sessions or catch the video recordings, download audio files or study transcripts when your schedule permits. And With your paid registration, you’ll also get lifetime access to all the conference videos so you can look back and watch on your own schedule.
  • #5: Network with automation engineer just like you: Make new connections in our private and exclusive app designed for the automation guild and chat live with other participants on the automation guild website itself or directly from the app.


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