102: Test Automation for Everyone with Roland Enzinger & Christoph Preschern

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I love open-source tools. Sometimes, however, a team might not have the skills needed to create a proper test automaton framework, or else the technology the team is working with doesn’t lend itself to being a good fit for an open source test tool.

I’m a big believer in teams using the right tool for their projects, even if it means the tool they select is a vendor tool. One vendor-based tool I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about is Ranorex.

In this episode we’ll be speaking with Roland Enzinger and Christoph Preschern about test automation for those who use Ranorex.

About  Roland Enzinger & Christoph Preschern


Roland Enzinger is a Product Manager at Ranorex and Christoph Preschern is the head of sales at Ranorex

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Ranorex is a functional test automation tool which is driven through the user interface. You can automate anything when it comes to web applications, mobile applications or desktop based applications.
  • The nice thing with Ranorex, is that from the very beginning we offered a test automation API. From the very beginning there was no tool available you can use, there was just a library which you can use from a developer's perspective. At the same time, we knew that it is important to offer something which is easier to access from more testers’ perspective.
  • The API is fully based on the .NET Framework, even within eclipse it's possible to have your own wrapper so you can use core functionalities or object identification mechanism for automation on the API level. Also within Microsoft visual studio it's pretty easy to add Ranorex's core APIs to a specific solution or project in order to do simple scripting within visual studio if you like.
  • One of our key USPs out there is the broad support of the different technologies. Think about .Net based applications but also think about Java based application, think about ASAP oracle forms mobile applications. You have native ones, you have hybrid ones, you have mobile web applications. Everything you could think of when you think about applications. A good thing with our tool is that you can combine all these technologies within one test.
  • Also when it comes to object identification we have our spy tool which uses in the background Ranorex path. It's kind of an XPath and expression but it's pretty easy to use so that no one really needs to understand the syntax of XPath. The spy editor assist you with different types of mechanism when it comes to object identification. When you want to use regular expression that's possible by just simply using the UI there without understanding the Xpath. That's the main reason why our tool is easy to use and also that the time when it comes to get started with Ranorex and then the time when you are productive is very short.
  • To choose an automation tool, just starting from the very scratch, I would say everybody starts with the proof concept to see how you can deal with your application. That's a very good starting point and after that I would say sit down make a plan and see what skills you have and find the right job for right person in a team.


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