10: Tarun Lalwani : How to Migrate from QTP to Selenium

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QTP VS. Selenium

Want to know how to migrate from QTP to Selenium? Tarun talks about his experience migrating large QTP projects to Selenium. Learn what to do to successfully move your projects from QTP to Selenium. Also Tarun talks about many topics that will help you know what  to do when choosing between QTP or Selenium.

About Tarun Lalwani


Tarun is the founder of KnowledgeInbox a website dedicate to QTP, and Tarun Automation Research Labs a company focused on providing consulting research, training and publishing services for Test Automation.

Tarun is also an author of 3 books:

You may also know Tarun as the moderator of the SQAforums QTP message forums. Tarun has also been expanding his automation expertise in Selenium.

So its safe to say Tarun knows test automation. Today we will be speaking with him about one of the heavily debated topics in Software Automation …QTP VS Selenium

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • What to avoid when using Page Objects
  • Is Selenium faster then QTP
  • You need to learn the underlining technology of the application to effectively automate  an application
  • What the biggest challenges are from moving from QTP to Selenium
  • Lessons learned from creating a C# Selenium Framework
  • More….


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  1. It’s very difficult to listen to the recording all the way through. Does anyone know where I can find a transcript of this?

      1. Please provide the required transcript.
        We cannot open the recording in the office.
        It would be great if we get to read the same.

        1. Hi Sapna – I’m working on getting my older episodes transcribed – the only issue its kind of expensive (1$ a minute) and it adds up quickly. I will try to get this one transcribed next.

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