08 : Greg Paskal : Helpful Tips When Implementing Test Automation

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Helpful Tips When Implementing Test Automation and More!

Do you want to be sure you're creating a test automation framework that will endure long after you've moved on to a new project? Sick of your test tools or your framework becoming shelf-ware? Are you new to test automation and not sure where to start?

No worries — Greg shares with us his unique insight on how to create automation tests, and also lays out a plan that will make a huge difference in the adoption and maintainability of your test efforts.

About Greg Paskal


Greg is the author of multiple white papers on test automation and testing in general. He has spoken at many conferences including StarEast, StarWest, QAI and QATrailBlazers.

Greg is known in the testing industry as being passionate about mentoring and training others in software testing and other technical areas. Greg hails from California but currently lives in Plano, Texas with his wife Cindy and daughter Hannah.

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • The most critical step in succeeding with test automation is selecting the right tool
  • If you want to succeed with your test automation – proper training needs to be part of any new automation effort
  • Avoid test automation vendor's snake-oil
  • You should start test automation by tackling the simple things first to help prove automation ROI.
  • Set test automation expectations early on with your manager
  • You should make your automation framework easy for someone else to learn and use. Consider that you might not be the person that maintains the automation framework.
  • The N-Curve effect states that all automation requires some level of ramp-up effort to get the foundational things in place before you might see the benefits of your automation efforts.
  • Create an automation strategy that focuses on “like tests” to help with ramp up time of certain tests.
  • Not everything can be automated and how a $5000 give away proved this
  • You can't test mobile apps like you test other types of applications
  • It's important to network anytime you attend  test conferences
  • Why recognition is different for different people



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