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LoadRunner 11.50 Licensing Change and Protocol Bundles

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If you're like me and can't wait to have the latest and greatest version of software on your machine, you should be aware that, unlike previous upgrades, LR 11.50 has been modified to requires a new license.

Since current LoadRunner users cannot continue to use their existing licenses, you will need to generate a valid new one.

To Request a LoadRunner License

To Request a License you'll need to:

  • Navigate to:
  • Select your SAID number, click and LoadRunner under ‘Products' and click ‘View available products'

  • Select LR 11.50 and click ‘Get Software Update' button

  • You should now have a tab option for ‘Get Licensing'

LR 11.5 Protocol Bundles

If you're requesting a new license, you should also be aware of what the protocol bundles for LoadRunner 11.5 and Performance Center 11.50 are:

Bundle Name Protocols Included
.Net Record/Replay Microsoft ADO.NET
Microsoft.NET 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
Database Microsoft SQL Server
GUI Virtual Users HP Functional Testing(Quick Test Professional)
Java Record/Replay CORBA-Java
Java over HTTP Vuser
RMI-Java (Includes ORMI)
Network DNS

Windows Socket

Oracle E-Business Oracle NCA
Oracle Web Application 11i(Click and Script)
PeopleSoft Enterprise(Click and Script)
Remote Access Citrix Virtual User (ICA)
Terminal Emulation(RTE)
Remote Desktop RDP
Rich Internet Applications Action Message Format (includes RTMP/AMF)
AJAX Click and Script
AJAX TruClient-Firefox
AJAX truCLient-IE
Flex Virtual User
Silverlight Vuser
Mobile TruCLient
SAP SAP Click and Script
SOA MQSeries-Client
Service Test Vuser
Web Services
Web 2.0 Web and Multimedia
RIA and SOA combined
Web and Multimedia Media Player (MMS)
Web (Click and Script)
Mobile Applications Protocol
Wireless i-mode


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      1. Joe Colantonio » Hi Bill just wanted to let you know that I did confirm with HP support: “For upgrades to PC 11.5 a new license is needed as well as for LR 11.5, this is because version 11.5 uses a different license technology.

  1. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for share all your knowledge, it have been a lot of help for us.
    I have a Load runner issue that I need to share with with.
    I am trying to record a script using Remote DeskTop Protocol, but the Remote connection crash when attempt to connect, I have not idea what could be the cause.
    Any Idea on how RDP works with Load Runner?

    I have LR 11.00 and RDP 8.0.


  2. Need quote/Pricing and Advantages / disadvantages for Loadrunner 11/11.5 Sharepoint 2013 edition
    single user

    Short description:
    We are migrating from MOSS 2007 Portal to Sharepoint 2013 portal. We are looking for tool which can test all the features and Performance of the portal before Migration and after Migration is completed.
    Please provide advantages / disvantages of the Loadrunner 11/11.5
    Also provide comparison with other vendors with advantages / disadvantages and pricing

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