LoadRunner web_service_set_security Action Mismatch error

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Just a quick heads up if you are having issues when using the web_services_set_security function in LoadRunner.

The web_service_set_security function is used to add security tokens to subsequent soap and web service calls. When replaying one of my web service scripts that use the web_services_security function I keep getting an “Action Mismatch” error.

Cause for the Action Mismatch Error

The script is using the web_services_set_security to create a message signature. But LoadRunner is sending the whole message with a Time Stamp, Body and Header.

This behavior is killing my application service because it only expects to receive the Body to be signed — not the whole message. Because of this behavior I keep getting a LR “Action Mismatch” error. After looking around in HP KB I found out this issue is a known product defect.

How to Resolve this LoadRunner Error

  • First grab the file DeleteSoapHeaders.zip from my download section.
  • Copy the DeleteSoapHeaders.dll to your Load Runners's bin folder

  • Next to configure the deleting headers choose either Method 1 Script Level or Method 2 Step Level below.

Method 1 Script Level

Making this change will send all the WSC's in the script without any header in the soap envelope.

  • Navigate to your LoadRunner script's directory and open the default.cfg file with a file editor like Notepad or Notepad++

  • Add a section called UserHandler to the very end of the default file. The exact section to copy is:

  • Save the file and run your script. The

    element should no longer appear in the soap envelope.

Method 2 Step Level

Making this change will only be applied to a specific step.

  • Add the step that you want to send without the headers to the script
  • Add the following lines of code to your step right before the BEGIN_ARGUMENTS element:

That should work

Let it rip – you should be good to go now. Hope it helps you.

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