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How to Install LeanFT

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In this video we're going to check out how we can install HP's new automation test tool Lean Functional Testing. Also known as LeanFT.

What's great about LeanFT is it allows you to write test automation scripts in both Java, and C#, and Javascript. You're able to integrate with all of your developers IDEs and programming languages. You can use it within your developing lifecycle just like you would Selenium.

For more information on LeanFT, make sure to check out my post on HP Lean Functional Testing sneak peek where I go through step by step what is in LeanFT, what it does and why you should take a look at it.

There are two ways you can install LeanFT. The first one is as a standalone application. The second way is through UFT directly.

Right now we're going to install it as a standalone application. To get LeanFT, you can get it free for 30 days. Head on over to the software site. You just need to sign up for a free account. Once you sign up for a free account, you'll then be able to download LeanFT for free for 30 days. If you already have a unified functional testing license, you can use the same license between UFT and LeanFT.

  • Sign into your account. If you don't have an account you would create one.
  • Underneath all of my products because I signed up for LeanFT, I now have a LeanFT option.
  • Click on download.
  • Select the LeanFT web package.
  • While that's downloading, let's take a look at some of the pre-reqs that you need in order to install LeanFT.

We're going to open up the HP LeanFT file. It goes over a bunch of things such as what IDEs are currently supported by the LeanFT plug in. It currently supports Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ. We're going to look for pre-reqs. My computer already meets the pre-req requirement, however there's one thing we do need to do before we install LeanFT. If your system already doesn't have it installed, you need to install Node.js before you install LeanFT on you computer.

First Install Node.JS

That's easy enough to do. Let's head on over to Node.js and install that.

  • Head on over to
  • Click on the download section.
  • Under downloads,  install the MSI for your windows version. I have windows 64 bit.
  • Double click on the MSI to install Node.js.
  • Click on run.
  • Under the Node.js setup dialog, click on next.
  • Except the license.
  • Click on next.
  • Take the default destination folder.
  • Take the default for the custom setup.
  • Click on install.
  • On the last Node.js setup screen, click on finish.
  • To verify that Node.js is installed, head on over to command line prompt.
  • Type in node -v. If you get a version back, that's how you know you have Node.js installed correctly.

Install LeanFT as a StandAlone Application

Now that we have Node.js installed, lets install LeanFT:

  • Double click on the LeanFT setup package that we downloaded earlier.
  • Run the installer.
  • Take the defaults on the first screen.
  • Install all the other pre-reqs that are required for LeanFT to run on your machine.
  • Once all the pre-reqs are installed, click on the next button.
  • Accept the terms of the license agreement.
  • Take the default location for the LeanFT installation folder.
  • You have a few options here. You can either do the LeanFT run time engine, or you could do the full installation where you can select the IDEs that you'd like to use the LeanFT plug in with.
  • The reason why Visual Studio and IntelliJ are greyed out is because I don't have them installed on my machine.
  • I'm going to use this with Eclipse.
  • Click on Eclipse.
  • For the Eclipse you just need to click on the change button and navigate to your location for your Eclipse IDE.
  • Next click on the install button.
  • The last step for the setup is to actually just complete it. I'm going to click on finish.

Install LeanFT from UFT

This was for a standalone install of LeanFT. You can't have a standalone install of LeanFT and UFT on the same machine, but you can have them both on the same computer if you install LeanFT from the UFT installation setup.

  • So if you want to install it from UFT, you would go into the UFT installer, click next.
  • I already have UFT installed so I want to change it.
  • Click on change.
  • Under change you have an option for LeanFT.
  • If you click on LeanFT, you can select the entire feature will be installed on my local drive.
  • Click next and this will install LeanFT on your machine using the UFT setup install.

See LeanFT in Action

To check out How to use LeanFT with C# Visual Studio

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