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Problem – Quality center's issue with running periodic test sets

This has been a long standing issue with me and Quality Center. You can use QC to schedule a testset to run at a given time but the issue is when you need to have a testset run at a recurring time — say every day at 5:00 am.


To get testsets to run periodically you can use Vbscript with QC's OTA API and Windows scheduler.

VBScript code needed to run test set in QC

First you need to setup a VBScript that calls the Quality Center's testset that you want to run:

set tdc = createobject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
tdc.InitConnectionEx "http://qcURL/qcbin/"
tdc.login "yourUserName","yourPassword"
tdc.Connect "yourDomain","yourProject"

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set TSetFact = tdc.TestSetFactory
Set tsTreeMgr = tdc.TestSetTreeManager
Set tsFolder = tsTreeMgr.NodeByPath("Root\Formal Tests\YourTestDirectory")
Set tsList = tsFolder.FindTestSets("Your TestSet name. This is case sensitive!")
Set theTestSet = tsList.Item(1)
Set Scheduler = theTestSet.StartExecution("")
Scheduler.RunAllLocally = True

Set execStatus = Scheduler.ExecutionStatus

Do While RunFinished = False
 execStatus.RefreshExecStatusInfo "all", True
 RunFinished = execStatus.Finished
 Set EventsList = execStatus.EventsList

 For Each ExecEventInfoObj in EventsList
  strNowEvent = ExecEventInfoObj.EventType

 For i= 1 to execstatus.count
  Set TestExecStatusobj =execstatus.Item(i)
  intTestid = TestExecStatusobj.TestInstance

Window's Scheduled Tasks for Running Tests

Next you need to setup the windows scheduler to run at the desired time. See video for step by step instructions.

RunTestSet.exe – Another option

If you do not want to create your own VBScript to run your test sets you can also try an unsupported tool from HP – RunTestSet.exe.

RunTestSet is a VC++ console application that you can send command line options to in order to run a QC a test set. You can download RunTestSet and its documentation from HP or from https://testguild.com/downloads

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