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In this video, I want to show you how the new TestProject Recorder handles complex, iFrame-based applications like Salesforce.

It also shows you some cool, self-healing, AI machine learning features that have been developed and added to the latest TestProject release.

Automating Salesforce Dynamic Elements

These new features simplify the recording of test cases against applications that generate dynamic elements that change on every run, which can be frustrating. This can be seen in many applications developed by these new low-code or no-code application platforms like Salesforce.

AutomationTesting SalesForce

Now I know for a fact the Salesforce is even trickier to automate, because not only are the elements dynamic, but they also rely heavily on nested iFrames that are also dynamic—so, it's hard to get any automation tools to run tests against these applications reliably.

This is significant because I don't know of any medium or large companies that don't have applications that have been developed using Salesforce.

This is undoubtedly going to help a lot of testers that have been struggling to automate these types of applications.

Whether you're a test automation beginner or an advanced user, there are a lot of things in this new release that are going to help you accelerate your automation efforts.

Free TestProject Recorder That Leverages AI/ML

Also, what's fantastic is that in January of 2019, I wrote a post on the top seven trends in 2019 and beyond, and TestProject has met most of those predictions, including the fact that maintenance of automation tests would become easier, Heal Thyself automation, AI test automation assistance, and the return of record in playback.

These are not the same kind of playback tools you may have used 20 years ago. They have advanced, and you're going to see that in this video.

What's even better is that TestProject is a free testing solution, while most of the functionality I'll be showing you can only be found in paid options from other vendors. So there's nothing to lose by checking it out yourself.

Let's take a look:

Automation Record and Playback Powered by AI

So that's it for some of the new features in the latest TestProject recorder.

I want to reiterate that no tool can be a magic solution for you.

Automation testing is hard; it's software development.

However, over the years, these tools have gotten better and better. Many of the issues we saw previously with other recorded playback solutions have been resolved, and their only way to get better as time goes on.

Test Management Machine Learning Robot

Try the ML TestProject Recorder

So I recommend you check it out.

See how it can help you and your team. I think it's going to save people a lot of time, especially folks who always struggle with flaky tests.

This type of self-healing is going to help make your test more reliable and maintainable. It's going to keep your team members' trust as it runs in CI-CD because you can get less and less flaky results. And then team members, when it does fail will start paying attention to the test results —
because it's most likely a real issue.

So I hope you like it. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Also to learn more Tricentis TestProject is also having an upcoming live webinar Introducing TestProject's New AI-Powered Self-Healing Technology with their CTO Eldar Kravetsky demonstrating these new capabilities.

Register for the webinar [here]

As always, test everything and keep the good.

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