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Top 6 reasons UFT install fails

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Are you trying to install UFT or QTP but are getting some strange error messages like:

Error attempting to open source file ….

Module … failed to register

I get a lot of emails asking me about various UFT/QTP install error messages. To be honest the error messages HP gives are not very helpful and can be caused by multiple issues.

Although there are no quick fixes here are some common ways to try to resolve these types of issues.

6 Possible reasons you are getting install errors

  • UAC

The biggest reason for most errors is when you are trying to install on a machine that has its User Account Control (UAC) enabled. UAC and UFT do not mix. Make sure that you temporarily turn UAC off during the QTP install.

  • Permission issue

You need to be logged in to the machine with a user that has full administrator rights.

  • Installing from a shared drive

Sometimes you can get odd behavior if you are installing UFT from a shared or mapped drive. To avoid issues you should copy all the UFT/QTP install files locally to your machine.

  • Corrupted installation files

This is a long shot but sometimes the actual UFT install file you download from HP gets corrupted. This is usually caused by downloading the install from a non-internet explorer browser. I know most of us try to avoid using IE whenever possible but make sure you do use IE with the HP download manager option to avoid corruption.

  • DVD/CD drive software

If you are trying to install from an .ISO image the DVD/CD software you are using may be having issue reading the installation files properly. One workaround for this issue is to use a zip tool like 7Zip or WinRar to extract all the contents of the ISO image before doing the install.

  • Active Template Library file (alt.dll) is not registered

The ATL is a set of Microsoft developed template-based C++ classes used to simplify programming using COM objects. Not having this DLL registered can cause QTP install issues. Try to register atl.ddl located in the Windows\System32 folder and see if that helps:

Click on Start>Run

In the Run window enter regsvr32 “C:\WINDOWS\system32\atl.dll”

If everything works you should get a RegSvr32 succeeded message:

Happy MicroFocus UFT Install

Hopefully one of these six suggestions will fix your install issue. If you have any other Unified Functional Testing install fix/suggestions lets us know!

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