12: Mike Giller: SoapUI and API Testing

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Everything you wanted to now about soapUI and how to test APIs

I’m excited to be talking today with Mike Giller about SoapUI and API testing. If you’re new to API testing and SoapUI, you won’t want to miss this episode. Check it out:

About Michael Giller

Mike is a SoapUI technical engineer at SmartBear, the makers of some cool test and performance tools like SoapUI, test complete, LoadUI pro and a bunch more. Mike is known for  developing and delivering highly informative SoapUI Pro demonstrations that focus on the functionality most important to SoapUI test engineers like functional, data driven, or security testing, mock web services, reporting, etc. He shares his passion for API testing using SoapUI in this must- listen episode.

In this Test Talk we cover:

  • How to use SoapUI with BDD
  • What is a mock service and why you would use one?
  • How is API testing different from UI testing?
  • Recommended resources for learning about API testing
  • Main differences between SoapUI open source and SoapUI Pro
  • Great advice for how to go about testing web or REST services


Groovy coding resources for SoapUI:


Connect with Mike

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