StarEast 2016 Presentation

Boost Test Coverage with Automated Visual Testing - Joe Colantonio shares how combining your existing automated tests with scalable automated visual testing can help you dramatically increase coverage, reduce maintenance, and substantially boost test robustness, efficiency, and ROI. Joe includes real-life use cases—automating cross-browser UI validation, adding full UI regression coverage to existing automated tests, handling dynamic content in visual tests, and more—to help you release faster and better, automatically avoiding functional and visual regressions. Joe covers the basics of automated visual testing and includes a demo of adding visual regression and cross-browser layout testing to existing automated tests using Applitools’ Eyes. Learn tips and best practices on how to scale your automated tests and successfully perform large-scale, automated visual testing ROI analysis of visual testing based on a real-life project. This presentation is especially valuable for teams practicing agile and continuous deployment with frequent builds and releases. TestTalks TestTalks episodes covered in my presentation:
  • David Greenless Ep96
  • Mike Lyles Ep88
  • Perze Ababa Ep92
  • Peter Kim Ep66
  • Dave Heaffner Ep85
  • Adam Carmi Ep43
  • Adobe State of Content survey
  • Inattentional Blindness
  • Radiologist Study