Stephen Vance

Stephen Vance

Twitter: StephenRVance

LinkedIn: srvance


Git: srvance

Company: Mabl

Session Preview

 Stephen Vance has served in most roles in the software product development process, including software engineer, test lead, engineering manager, and Lean/Agile coach. He is presently a software engineer at mabl, focusing on ML-driven test automation. He is the author of Quality Code: Software Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns, available through Addison-Wesley.

Session - Integration of Dev and Test roles in Agile Teams

June 20th 10-10:50 AM(EDT)

Agile approaches try to change the way teams work, blending traditional roles into a single “development team.” All too often, they simply compress the old ways of doing things into two-week boxes. This misses the point, exacerbates old tensions, and fails to deliver the expected benefits. In this talk, Stephen will give concrete, actionable steps you can take to work through these challenges and achieve greater happiness, collaboration, and results.