Melissa Tondi

Melissa Tondi

Twitter: @melissatondi


 Melissa Tondi has spent most of her career working within testing teams- concentrating on functional, performance, security, and mobile testing techniques. In her current roles, she is the founder of Denver Mobile and Quality (DMAQ) and, as Head of SQE at, she is assisting teams to continuously improve the design, build, test, and delivery of quality software. Throughout her career in the software test and quality engineering fields she has focused on organizing testing teams around three major tenets—efficiency, innovation, and culture. Melissa’s previous roles have included Vice President of Professional Services for a Mobile-focused startup, Director of Software Quality Engineering in the world’s leading education company; QA consultant for health care, finance, and software-as-a-service industries; and president of the Software Quality Association of Denver

Session - Roundtable Expert

Jun 21 4:30-5:10 PM(EDT)

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