Jason Arbon

Jason Arbon

Jason Arbon

Twitter: @appdiff

Website: appdiff.com

Session Preview

Jason is a test nerd, and currently the CEO of test.ai, where his mission is to automate the testing of world’s apps with AI. He has also been the director of product and engineering at Applause.com/uTest. Jason previously held engineering leadership roles at Google (Chrome/Search) and Microsoft (WindowsCE, SQL Server, BizTalk, Bing). He also co-authored the books: How Google Tests Software and App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams. In his spare time, Jason likes to read up on AGI and consciousness and is working on a new personalized search engine.

Session - Testers Don't Test Anymore

Jun 21 12:30-1:20 PM(EDT)

Jason was chatting with some other test nerd friends recently, and he bought up the idea that "Testers Don't Test Anymore" (alt title "Rise of the Software Verifier"). It stirred a lot of discussion and resulted in mostly surprised agreement. Jason is old enough to have seen the transition from testing to verification, and want to get more discussion around this idea and what to do about it in the field of testing.