Greg Paskal

greg paskal

Greg Paskal

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Greg is currently the Director of Quality Assurance – Automation at Ramsey Solutions, A Dave Ramsey Company. He is also the author of multiple white papers on test automation and testing in general.
Greg recently published his first book, Test Automation in the Real World, sharing insights from over 30 years of automated testing development. He has spoken at many conferences including StarEast, StarWest, QAI and QA TrailBlazers.

Session - An introduction to METS, the Minimal Essential Testing Strategy

Jun 21 1:30-2:20 PM(EDT)

Is your QA Team scrambling to determine what to test when development timeframes get compressed? Are they endlessly creating mountains of test cases that rarely get used a second time? Are you challenged to know what needs testing when QA Team Members are out of the office but testing still needs to happen? The “Minimal Essential Testing Strategy” (METS) was created to help with these challenges and many others faced by most QA Teams. Using a system of prioritization and continuous test development, METS enables your team to start utilizing it immediately while building a lasting test strategy for the future. METS gives you a strategy of where to invest your testing efforts on the most critical things when time is critical. Empower your QA Team with the METS approach. Give them the tools to reduce risk while raising confidence in the applications they test.