Ali Khalid

Ali Khalid

Ali Khalid

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Session Preview

 Ali is a speaker at podcasts, conferences and meet-ups, writes for magazines, publications and trainer on automation framework design. Over 11 years he has been involved with 20+ products related to large-scale ERPs, SaaS, web applications and embedded devices ranging from small products to large scale safety critical devices and getting safety approvals. He has a vision of Redefining Software Quality through Technological excellence, Testing acumen and Business value. He spends his time helping teams with automation challenges, researching and teaching Automation, Continuous Testing and ‘Testing acumen’ to contribute towards the creation of the next generation tester.

Session - The recall, becoming technical and averting disaster

Jun 21 11-11:50 AM(EDT)

Testing modern day software is much more than testing the GUI. It is almost impossible now to test most products adequately just from black box testing. The story shared is of a tester seeing this gap in a product's testing and fill it by getting under the hood and finding ways to test most critical and unreachable areas of the product, which if left untested could have caused severe damage to the product and the company.
Lessons learned are to:
1. become technical and understand your product's architecture and basic familiarity with the code base
2. Increase your testing acumen by finding new testing techniques to test the AUT across the complete technology stack
3. Find out and focus on generating business value. Find out what's most important and start from there.