Rebecca Clinard


Rebecca Clinard

LinkedIn: rebeccaclinard

Website: performancetestingwisdom

Performance Engineering Architect: I have been active in the web application performance industry for 17+ years. Over the years, I've used a variety of performance/load and monitoring tools. Created performance test harnesses while honing/defining performance engineering methodologies. I also enjoy taking very technical information and evangelizing the content into easy to understand analogies. I've published a variety of syndicated blogs, while making a name for myself in this niche industry. All my content is derived from hands-on experience. Held several performance engineer positions for industries spanning many verticals such as retail, financial services, insurance, gaming, and supply management. Worked for an enterprise load tool companies as sales engineer, professional services, blogger and technical evangelist.

Session - Methodical Performance Engineering Techniques

Aug 2 12-1PM

THINK like A Seasoned Performance Engineer and become Very valuable! Easy, methodical approaches to designing load tests and analyzing your results. Here we tackle and simplify the toughest challenge of performance engineering: Analysis of the data derived from load tests. Analysis skills are the MOST important and HIGHLY sought after. Learn how to analyze the sea of collected data to understand the application’s scalability limitations. Isolate Bottlenecks. Deep Dive. Made Easy. This performance engineering course is to teach you to methodical processes to execute the right load tests, instrument the relevant monitoring and properly analyze the results.

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