Satyajit Malugu

Satyajit Malugu

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Satyajit is a Senior SDET focussing on mobile testing at GoDaddy, Kirkland, Washington, USA. His work involves automation of native and hybrid apps and providing test perspective to his team that recently converted from waterfall to an agile process. Before Godaddy, he worked at Urbanspoon and gained SDET knowledge at Microsoft. As a testing thought leader in a company that is deploying a suite of native apps, he is involved with strategizing, executing and mentoring other teams on best practices for native mobile testing. He presented on testing topics at various conferences. Currently he is working on executing a complete CI/CD pipeline, with automated weekly releases for iOS and Android Native applications.

He blogs at and you can find him on twitter at @malugu

Session - Robust and reliable Android app automation with Espresso

Jan 10 5-5:55 PM (EST)

Espresso is a framework introduced by Google that provides reliable and fast automation for Android apps. We will start with setup and configuration of espresso with Android Studio. We will use the standard tooling and create a test and execute it on a local emulator and remote firebase test lab from within the IDE. Then, we will walk through locators, actions and assertions with a more complicated test. Finally the session demonstrates the synchronization of espresso through a network rule. Unlike traditional black box testing frameworks, espresso knows about the internal state of the app, system UI threads and can synchronize waiters appropriately, giving unprecedented control and accuracy for test steps.