Mark Fink

Mark Fink

Twitter: @markfink

Company: Fink Labs

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Mark Fink is a a software engineer, test automation expert, and blogger. His mission is to evangelize test automation methods, approaches and tools. During the day he runs an independent consultancy providing software testing services. After dark he engages in open-source software, and enthusiastically in GoLang. He consider himself to be extremely fortunate, because my day simply entails doing what he loves. GoGrinder is his latest open-source project, a Performance Test Tool designed to help test engineers pinpoint problems of their application under stress. It simulates concurrent user activity and monitors system resources and performance behaviour.
Professionally he have found his feet. Perhaps most importantly, his work is he's life and it allows him to connect and work with the people and brands he admires, travel the world in pursuit of "even better", and generally indulge in interests close to my heart. Nothing is currently closer to his heart than the GoGrinder.

Session - Automated Deployment To AWS

Jan 10 1-1:55PM

According to Gartner AWS is the leader in infrastructure as a service (Iaas). In 2017 the company I worked for at the time won the Gartner award "Best Data Management and Infrastructure". Key to our success have been the automation tools we built to successfully run >100 deployments per day to AWS. In April 2017 we open sourced the tools. In 2017 a lot of work went into the tools to make them more robust and usable for a broader audience.