Ash Coleman

Ash Coleman

Twitter: AshColeman30

LinkedIn: ash-coleman


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Ash Coleman is a Quality Assurance Analyst at Huge with over 4 years of digital experience. Since joining Huge she has been at the focal point of transitioning toward Behavior Driven Development methodologies. Her past experience as a professional chef has helped her establish a determination to understand and comply with user satisfaction as well as build her career in using technology as a means to satisfy user demands. Her continual desire to mediate between business and digital fronts has been well served by the culmination of her experiences.

Session - What Are Your Automated Tests Telling You?

Jan 09 3-3:55 PM

You have a team dedicated to writing test cases, and you have a team tasked with automating them. So who is responsible for speaking for your tests? You would suspect this would be the added task of the engineer or the engineer in test, however wouldn't it be great if the tests spoke for themselves?! This can be a dream realized. When a test is passing or failing, it should be indicative of a story. It should inform the team of key information in order to understand what is going on with your technology. Join me as I discuss stronger communication within your automated checks, proper messaging to clue teams in on product status, and the must haves to include in order to leave tests to advocate for themselves.