Automation Guild 2020 Event Ticket

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Automation Guild February 3-5 2020 Life-Time Access Event Ticket.

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Automation Guild 2020 Life-Time Access Ticket Online Ticket dedicated 100% to Automation Testing taking place Feb 3-5 2020. Speakers: (*subject to change)

  • Angie Jones Oxygen IDE: A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Paul Grizzaffi Taking Care Of Business – The Ugly Part Of Automation
  • Satyajit Malugu Look inside the box for better UI tests
  • Jim Hazen Modeling Methods for Automation in Testing
  • Eran Kinsbruner Keeping your Continuous Test Automation Valuable Continuously
  • João Farias Grow your Automation Toolkit: Because when all you have is a hammer…
  • Gaurav Singh Contract testing: Beyond Functional API tests
  • Noemi Ferrera Things you didn't know you could automate
  • Rhian Lewis Blockchain Automation Testing
  • Michelle Xie Automated testing stability with cloud solutions
  • Viktoriia Kuznetcova Writing maintainable test code with Selenium, Spock and a few sparkles
  • Rex Jones II TestNG or Selenium Automation Topic
  • Jan Molak Fullstack acceptance testing with Serenity/JS 2.0
  • Larry Goddard Building a Testing Framework with WebdriverIO
  • Andrew Knight How to Start Testing with Python
  • Ali Khalid Big data 101 and the Importance of Automation
  • João Farias How to Grow Your Automation Toolkit
  • Bijoya Chatterjee Creating a Pipeline for Success
  • Josh Grant PyTest: The Awesome Parts