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Hi. I’m Joe Colantonio, founder of Test Guild – I'm the host of the longest-running podcast on automation testing, the Test Guild Automation podcast est. in 2014 (formerly TestTalks), and the creator of AutomationGuild (est. 2017), the premium, annual online event for test automation engineers.

 Modern software testing, like all development efforts, is difficult. Most projects don't succeed. You can do better!

I'll show you how to succeed with all your automation, performance, and security efforts, and I'll try to do it in a way I hope you find helpful and fun.

Wait a minute — Fun? Yes! I find software test automation fun. In fact, I love it. But I also believe there is nothing worse than a boring technical blog.

So what is this all about? Well, you’re in the right place if you want to discover more about:

    • 100% Free Test Automation Awesomeness How-Tos
    • Tips and Tricks for using open-source test automation and vendor tools like Selenium, soapUI, rest-assured, Applitools, SauceLabs, etc..
    • Automation Testing video tutorials
    • Discover how to avoid flaky automation
    • Creating and running successful performance tests
    • Weekly free online training
    • Free online courses from industry experts
    • Podcast interviews with some of the biggest leaders in the testing industry
    • Premium Online conferences
    • A quick chuckle thanks to my off-beat style

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I’m Joe. I'm also the founder of TestGuild, a blog, podcasts, and online conferences dedicated to helping you succeed with all things software testing-related #automation #performance #security

I was a Test Automation Architect for a large Fortune 100 company until I was laid off in late 2019.

Luckily, I had been busy running my side business nights and weekends while working full-time, so I could finally focus all my efforts on the Test Guild after being let go.

So Why TestGuild?

My mission is to help individuals and organizations succeed with testing automation awesomeness.

With this blog, I hope my work with test automation can help you reach your goals and learn from my automation wins and failures.

I share what I learned in the actual testing trenches each day.

I also have interviewed over 400 automation experts and share the wisdom I glean from my conversation with them.

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My Story

You might say I was born to tests – literally. I was a breech baby. My first test case was to find out what happens when you try to be born feet first instead of head first, like most normal people are. Luckily, that scenario passed.

Before starting my career as an automation engineer, I dreamed of becoming a famous guitar player. For years I could rarely be found without a guitar in my hands. Later I even attended Berklee College of music, only to become discouraged when I realized that the rock and roll lifestyle was not for me.

Then one day, while recording guitar tracks on my computer, I had an epiphany. The things I most loved about playing an instrument – the constant learning curve and need for creativity and improvisation, combined with my gift/curse for breaking everything I touched – were skills that could apply to a career in technology, and BAM!! – a software test automation engineer was born.

Since then, I’ve been committed to using my creative skills to craft and implement numerous successful performance and automation solutions using commercially available tools and open-source and home-grown solutions for many companies, including GTECH, OneBeacon Insurance, VeriSign, and GE.

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