Unlock Your QA Team’s Testing Capabilities with Shannon Lee

By Test Guild
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Unlock Your QA Team’s Testing Capabilities: Increase Your Test Coverage Through Automation

Mobile test automation is challenging. Besides the constant pressure to do more with less, you’re faced with complex and slow scripting (here’s looking at you, Appium), flakey test scripts, and always under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

Watch to discover:

  • How to perform Scriptless and Scripted Automation using Kobiton (short demo)
  • How to make your Appium experience even faster and less flakey
  • How to auto-generate Appium scripts from a manual test session
  • How to harness the benefits of truly scriptless automation
  • How to drive value by implementing a hybrid scripted and scriptless approach to get the best of both worlds

Learn more at: https://kobiton.com.


Shannon Lee is an Atlanta, GA native working as a Developer Evangelist for Kobiton to help bring the good word of innovative technology! Shannon is an avid learner who enjoys challenging herself in learning new trends in software development, test automation, and applied data science. Given her positive and collaborative personality, Shannon also enjoys engaging with like-minded individuals with goals of inspiring and encouraging others, especially women in technology, as well as learning from brilliant minds within the DevOps community.