Automation Guild 2022 Schedule

[“DAY 2 FEB. 8 Sessions”, “Speaker”, “Time (ET-UTC−05:00)”],

[“Pre-Show”, “Joe”, “9:30 am”],

[“Accounting for Requirements Engineering in Test Automation”, “Anna Domascan“, “10 am”],

[“Automation Design For Everyone”, “Ankit Pangasa, “11 am”],

[“LUNCH”, “LUNCH”, “11:50 am”],

[“A Holistic Approach To Salesforce Test Automation”, “Mala Punyani, “12:30 pm”],

[“Make Impossible Possible With Selenium 4”, “Nikolay Stanoev”, “1:30 pm”],

[“10”min Break, “BREAK”, “2:20 pm”],

[“Turn It Up! Increase The Volume On Your Automation”, “Paul Grizzaffi”, “2:30 pm”],

[“Building The Foundation Of Your Testing Pyramid With Testing-Library”, “Stephen Kilbourn”, “3:30pm”],

[“10”min Break, “BREAK”, “4:20 pm”],

[“Speedtest For Automations”, “Leandro Melendez”, “4:30 pm”],

[“The Journey to Quality Engineering”, “Darrel Farris –Chris de Steuben,-Laveena Ramchandani-Pradgnya Kulkarni”, “5:30 pm”]

DAY 2 FEB. 8 Sessions Speaker Time (ET-UTC−05:00)
Pre-Show Joe 9:30 am
Stop Over-Testing! Taming The Combinatorial Explosion Marcus Merrell/James Walker 10 am
Names and Other Lies Dylan Lacey 11 am
LUNCH LUNCH 11:50 am
Cypress Hacked For Visual Testing! Christine Pinto 12:30 pm
E2E Tests : How To Raise Your Demanding Toddler Girish Rathod 1:30 pm
Demystifying The Advanced Capabilities Of Cypress Eran Kinsbruner 2:30 pm
Ask Us Anything about AI in Automation Testing Jason,Shani,Elise & Jonathon 3:30 pm
Bringing BDD To API Integration Testing LayMui Toh 4:30 pm
Be Shifty and Shift-Everywhere Don Jackson 5:30 pm