About Guild Conferences

At Guild Conferences, we are bringing together some of the best experts in the world to share a tip, tool or technique that will improve and accelerate your testing efforts. So you’ll walk away after each conference with what I call actionable automation awesomeness.

Also, this is an attendee focus conference. It's not about me. It's not about the speakers. It's all about YOU. So you're getting access to a community of other smart, like-minded peers who are also in search of performance testing awesomeness. And Guild Conferences are created by testers for testers. So we're all here to help each other out along the way.

Because guild conferences are 100% online, we tend to get a much more diverse group of engineers from around the world that you don’t get at most onsite conferences I think our Guild Conference style experience is awesome but don't just take my word for it. Dave Haeffner author of The Selenium GuideBook and one of the key contributors to the on-site conference Selenium Conf said:

 Dave Haeffner 

 Author of The Selenium GuideBook 

“Of all the online test automation conferences or online tech conferences he's seen or attended. This was the first one that didn't suck."

Guild Conferences was established three years ago in order to provide convenient, affordable, action-based, online-only events. We are independently run and focus exclusively on providing the best online experience possible for our attendees.

On-site conferences are great, but we believe that too many conferences are out of reach for many folks due to travel costs and the time required to attend such events. Being an environmentally-friendly company, we also believe that the less carbon footprint needed for an event, the better.

Our goal with every Guild conference is that each attendee learns at least one tip, tool, technique or best practice they can implement right away to help them succeed in their real-world automation efforts.

We are an attendee-led community that lives on long after the conference is over; attendees routinely continue to exchange ideas and assist each other on the Guild’s private slack channel, forums and membership site.

Our conferences are “for the people, by the people,” hence the name “Guild,” and our members decide how things are run and what topics and speakers they want at each event.

Simply put, we exist to bring Guild members awesome value and provide the skills needed to help save the world from poorly written software.

How do Guild Conferences Work?

1) Guild online conferences are single track events.
2) All live activity takes place in the EDT/EST time zone usually 10AM-5:30PM
3) I ask that speakers pre-record their sessions ahead of time to ensure the best video/audio quality. I try to also add them to the conference site a week before the event to give folks a chance to watch ahead of time if they want.
4) I ask all speakers to keep there sessions to 25 minutes.
5) During the LIVE conference days, I stream the pre-recorded session followed by the speakers LIVE to take Q&A from the audience
6) All Activities during live conference days are recorded and uploaded to the site within 24hrs.
7) We use private slack channels for questions and communications.
8) The history of the slack channel is saved as a PDF and uploaded to the site after the event as well
9) If someone can't attend the LIVE Q&As they can submit their questions to me ahead of time and I will ask the speaker live.
10) This is like a hybrid conferences/membership site. Attendees can log in to the site and rewatch all videos forever. Videos can also be downloaded locally.
11) All session videos will also have transcripts.

* If you miss a conference you can always buy an after event ticket and get all the recordings of the full event.