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Welcome to the Test Automation podcast! In this episode, we have Tony Venditti, the Test Automation Manager from Advantasure, a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is a replay from Tony's highly rated automation Guild session he gave this year, where he shared a wealth of knowledge and experience in Test Automation. Using Jenkins as a Test Automation Hub, he will discuss his background, test automation tools, approach, applications, and test types. He also shares his company's Test Automation Team Structure and Organization. We will also discuss the future of test automation, including new, emerging technologies such as cloud-based and containerized solutions, and how artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly integrated with test automation tools. Tune in and learn more about test automation and the tools available to help you do the job! Join us as we dive into Test Automation and explore the available tools and approaches. If you want to hear more and hear the live Q&A where Tony answered the Guild's questions about his session, head to and register to get your instant access pass. Use code pod30 to get 30% off all the replays.

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About Anthony Venditti

Anthony Venditti

Tony Venditti is a test automation expert who has developed and implemented comprehensive test automation solutions for companies such as IBM, Fidelity Investments, and Blue Cross Blue Shield among many others in his career. He is passionate about software testing, especially test automation.

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