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T.J. Maher

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T.J. Maher, a QA Engineer in Boston, has been trying to survive all the changes happening to the software testing industry. He writes about his experiences on his blog, Adventures in Automation, tackling problems he faces as he tackles automation development for the first time. T.J. is a contributor to the online magazine TechBeacon.com.

Session -How to pass a coding interview as an automation developer

LIVE Q&A Jan 9th 1PM

Are you an automation developer looking for a new position? Let's simulate the experience of a coding interview:

Open up a browser and Google the keyword "stopwatch."
Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen.
Press the "Start Button" on the stopwatch web app, then attempt to answer the following question:
"Using your favorite programming language: Write a method that checks to see if a given word is a palindrome. Example palindromes: 'noon' and 'racecar'."

Ready? ... GO!

Yes. Seriously. Attempt to answer the question. I'll wait.

Try this exercise for at least a good 60 seconds, even if you think you can't do it. Don't give up!

... Time's up! How well did you do?

If you had trouble with this question, if your paper is mostly or completely blank, if your forehead is covered in flop sweat, or if your first thought was, "Why are you forcing me to do this? I'm an automation developer, not a coder!" then this talk is for you.