eBook: Automation Awesomeness


Boost QA skills with ‘Automation Awesomeness’: 260 affirmations from experts. 1-page-a-day insights to elevate your software testing journey.


** Brimming with accessible, actionable advice that will propel your automation skills to new heights – Angie Jones **

Unleash the full potential of your software automation testing and QA skills with Automation Awesomeness! This powerful resource is packed with 260 actionable affirmations, curated from the brightest minds in the software testing industry and designed to take your expertise to the next level.

Discover daily nuggets of wisdom from renowned experts featured on the TestGuild Automation and TestGuild DevSecOps podcasts. Dive deep into practical advice, motivational affirmations, and soft skill development tailored to professionals and enthusiasts in the automation testing and QA domain.

Why 260 affirmations? Each of these bite-sized insights is meant to inspire you every workday, providing invaluable guidance to boost your performance and mindset. It's like having a personal mentor by your side, leading you through the intricacies of software testing and automation testing.

Transform your daily routine with Automation Awesomeness. Start each workday by reflecting on an affirmation, igniting your focus and motivation to conquer software testing challenges. Jot down your thoughts and ideas, and use these powerful prompts to implement testing wisdom from the world's leading experts.

Experience the combined power of automation mindfulness and practical, actionable advice. While this book doesn't delve into extensive technical content or code samples, it emphasizes developing the essential soft skills needed to excel and upskill you in your career and personal projects.

Level up your automation testing and QA capabilities, one workday at a time. Automation Awesomeness is your go-to guide for career-enhancing insights from software testing experts around the globe. Make it your daily ritual to read, reflect, and implement and watch your skills and mindset flourish.