Automation Guild 2018 After Event Ticket


$197 per person. Automation Guild January 8-10 2018 Life-Time Access After Event Ticket.

If you are registering more than one person select the number of attendees (Quantity) in your group below. For example, if your group has 2 attendees choose a quantity of 2 if it has 5 choose a quantity of 5 and so forth. Then send me the First Name, Last Name, and Email address of the folks you want me to add.

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Automation Guild 2018 Life-Time Access Ticket Online Ticket dedicated 100% to Automation Testing. Sorry, you missed the LIVE event. Due to demand, I've decided to keep registration open. So you can still get all the recordings including LIVE Q&A vids and Slack chat history logs for all three days.
Speakers: (*subject to change)

Gil Tayar – Not Only Cars: “AI, Please Test My Apps”
Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan
Leo Laskin – Sauce Labs Sponsored Speaker: Anyone Can Cook
Titus Fortner- TBA
Richard Bradshaw – Don't be SCARED of automated checks/tests
Jane Mareth – Getting Started with WinAppDriver
Shashikant Jagtap – Hands On XCUITest for iOS apps
Angie Jones – Roundtable Expert
Ali Khalid -Roundtable Expert
Manoj Kumar- WebDriverJs, Protractor
Mark Winteringham – REST APIs and WebDriver: In Perfect Harmony
Eran Kinsbruner – Perfecto Sponsored Speaker
T.J Maher- How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer
Lisa Crispin- The Secrets of Successful Test Automation
Ash Coleman – What Are Your Automation Tests Telling You?
Satyajit Malugu- Robust and reliable Android app automation with Espresso
Paul Grizzaffi – Roundtable Expert
Meaghan Lewis – Roundtable Expert
Toyer Mamoojee – Automagically covering the Automation Pyramid and Agile Quadrants
Corina Pip – Be productive in your automation with the Apache Commons helper libraries.
Bria Grangard- Smart Bear Sponsored Speaker: Laying the Foundation for Enduring Success: Elements of a Test Framework
Mark Fink- Infrastructure as code: AWS deployments
Paul Grossman – The Dark Arts of Functional Testing with UFT 14.0
Michelle XIE – How does Automation Developer Work with DevOps
Mike Talks and Team- Better Unit Testing
Jason Arbon – Reliable mobile automation with AI