AI Summit Guild

AI Summit Guild 2018 After Event Online Ticket


AI Summit Guild After Event Ticket.

  • Tariq King – A Vision of Self-Testing Systems.
  • Dan Belcher (Mabl) – Your Career the “Era of Intelligent QA”
  • Angie Jones (Twitter) – Show and Tell: Explain Machine Learning to Me Like I’m Five
  • Jason Arbon (Test.AI) – AI for User Flow Verification
  • Geoff Meyer (Dell) – A Testing Journey in The Age of Smart Assistants
  • Oren Rubin (TestIm) – Using AI to Solve the Quality/Velocity Dilemma
  • Adam Carmi (Co-Founder and CTO at Applitools) Roundtable Expert
  • Noemi Ferrera (Netease Games) Roundtable Expert
  • Jonathon Wright (Automation Cyborg) Roundtable Expert
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