Chris Trimper

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Chris Trimper

Chris Trimper

Twitter: @trimper

LinkedIn: christrimper

Website: lazyautomator

Chris has always been involved in some sort of testing since early days as a developer leading into full fledged testing back in 2008. Approximately 7 years ago he got tired of manual testing and dove in head first into functional test automation, since expanding his capabilities from web to desktop application as well as SOA/API testing. Ever since he has taken the 'lazy' approach with any testing where he looks at more efficient ways to test / ways to not do the same thing over and over again.He currently leads a team of 5 functional automation and performance test engineers at Independent Health in Western NY.

Session - Centralizing Performance Testing Data with Splunk

August 3rd 2-255PM

In this session you'll discover how to use Splunk to help plot and chart your performance data.

Session Preview