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Brendan Connolly

Brendan Connolly

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Brendan Connolly is a Quality Engineer based out of Santa Barbara, California with over 8 years of testing experience in a variety of different roles. He writes tests at all levels from unit and integration tests to API and UI tests and is responsible for creating and executing testing strategies while using his coding powers for developing tooling to help make testers lives easier.

Session - Test Driven Testing

Jun 21 2:30-3:20 PM(EDT)

Think Test Driven Development only applies to developers? We'll dive into how the 3 laws of TDD can applied to testing to provide testers with the same tight feedback loop and positive outcomes that TDD provides, while increasing acceptance and understanding across roles.
Take unit tests out of the equation and think about the testing performed by dedicated manual testers. Unlike development testing is perceived as an art, rooted in ad-hoc and intuitive decisions. We will explore applying the 3 laws of test driven development to testing, then establish a working definition of Test Driven Testing by replacing the developer-oriented laws of TDD with test-centric alternatives that testers can use to refactor their actions and assumptions.