Mihai Grigorescu: Application Delivery Management

As the dev & test market is embracing faster delivery cycles, open source disruptors, adopt DevOps and Agile models, with a desire to increase the quality and volume of yearly releases, we often find ourselves in a position where the testing technologies have to be delivered as commoditized products, packaged together with specialized services, for a faster streamlined adoption and cost efficiencies.

Join us to discuss (retrospectively as well as our forward looking vision) about Accenture’s unique Micro Focus Testing a Service platform, the highs and lows, the things that work well and not so well, in order to find out (and debate live) if this commercial model is truly a silver bullet or just another market hype/red herring that System Implementors use as a marketing platform.

The key take-away points will focus on the Micro Focus Application Delivery Management and Security stacks primarily and how we have and continue to add value for our clients (with real-life examples), in the testing industry.