Roundtable: AI/ML in Automation Testing w/Jason Arbon,Shani Shoham,Elise Carmichael,Jonathon Wright

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Jason Arbon

Jason Arbon applies machine learning and AI to production software testing systems at scale. Jason’s team is primarily funded by Google’s AI investment arm and their testing bots leverage the power of neural networks and reinforcement learning.

Shani  Shoham

Shani is the founder of 21 labs (now part of Perforce Software) and is a serial entrepreneur, currently working on his third testing company. Over the years he has worked with engineering and QA leaders at organizations such as Ford, Walmart, Verizon, Salesforce, and many others to optimize their development and quality efforts. He has seen the industry evolve over close to a decade.

Elise Carmichael

Elise leads product management at Functionize and is passionate about ensuring that both testers and developers have modern tools at their disposal to take advantage of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis in order to free up time for actual testing. Her background as a developer and tester has led her into product roles, where she can help create innovative products, filling a significant gap in the testing space. Elise has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare, trucking and logistics, online bidding, and construction management industries.

Jonathon Wright

Jonathon is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation, and has more than 25 years of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is currently the CTO of Digital-Assured based in Oxford in the UK. Jonathon combines his extensive practical experience and leadership with insights into real-world adoption of Cognitive Engineering (Enterprise A.I. and AIOps).