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DAY 3 FEB. 9 Sessions Speaker Time (ET-UTC−05:00)
Pre-Show Joe 9:30 am
Big O Notation For Test Code Dmytro Budym 10 am
Design Patterns In Test Automation Manpreet Singh 11 am
Lunch Break Break 11:50 am
Level Up Your Career Ashley Martin 12:30 pm
Break Break 1:20 pm
Automation Testing Mindset And Habits Maros Kutschy 1:30 pm
Break Break 2:20 pm
Getting Started With Test Automation In Flutter Satyajit Malugu 2:30 pm
The Power of Appium 2.0 Plugins Jonathan Lipps 3:30 pm
Break Break 4:20 pm
Speed Up Your Cypress Tests With Cy.Request Kristin Jackvony 4:30 pm
Real Talk on Cross-Browser Testing Andrew Knight 5:30 pm