All questions:

What time zone is the conference?

All live events will take place from 10 AM to 6PM Eastern Time Zone (EST) .

How do I register a group of 5 to receive the 20% off?

When you register to enter the total number of attendees that you want to register in the Membership Type field. When you checkout that 20% will be applied to the total

I would like to get work to pay for the conference, but need an invoice for my manager to sign off before they will provide the company credit card details for me to register with company specific info that is currently not on the invoice. What should I do?

Send me the company required fields that need to be on the invoice and I will add and resend it to you with the required fields. Email me [email protected] with the title <em>CUSTOM INVOICE NEEDED</em>.

I just registered myself and a group pf colleagues for the conference.   How do I give them access to the live sessions and the after-conference recordings?

If you didn't click on the <em>Enable Group registration</em> checkbox please send me your team’s First Name, Last Name , nd Email address and I will manually add them to the system and send them welcome emails.

How can I ask questions for LIVE speakers?

1. During the LIVE Q&A enter your question in the slack channel widget located on the Live Q&A page 2. Send me your questions at [email protected] . Please put the speaker name in the title of your email

How do I register a group of attendees?

Make sure to purchase a group ticket using the group ticket option.

I can’t make the LIVE Q&A will I be able to view a replay of them?

If you can’t make a Q&A session live, all live aspects of the conference will also be recorded and uploaded to the site within 48 hours. To view the recordings of the full LIVE Q&A sessions navigate to the Day content. There should be a row for the full morning session and full afternoon sessions. After the conference is over I will edit all the LIVE Q&A and place each speakers individual Q&A session under their speaker's page so you will be able to view their session and Q&A from the same location.

Will I have access to the presentations following the conference?

Yes, you’ll receive access to the Guild Conferences site and all its content/videos for up to a year after the conference is over, affording you the opportunity to download it to your own device(s) where it can be kept for as long as you wish.

How long do the LIVE Q&A sessions last?

Q&A session will be between 20 & 30 minutes long

How can I view my invoice?

Once you login you should see a menu item for My Account. Under My Account click on the Orders link. Under your order click the View button to look at your invoice or click on the Invoice button to download a PDF copy.

How do I download the recordings?

Go to the speaker's session page and click on the Download Session button.

I find the Slack Chat Distracting

If you find the slack chat distracting you can view the LIVE video in full mode and bring up the slack app on your cell phone or other device.

When I try to login to the Slack chat on the LIVE Q&A page I get the error error loading public channel history: channel_not_found)

For automation guild conferences we will use aguild{year}. This is how we will be communicating through the conference (if you don’t do add each day channel to your Slack this you will get the error loading public channel history: channel_not_found on the LIVE Q&A page)

How does a Guild Conference work?

How will we communicate during the conference to ask questions?

We will be using Slack. Make sure you join the following. For perfguild conferences, we will use the #perfguild{year} channels in Slack. For automation guild conferences we will use aguild{year}. This is how we will be communicating through the conference (if you don’t do this you will get the error loading public channel history: channel_not_found)
  • #aguild{year}-general
  • #aguild{year}-day1
  • #aguild{year}-day2
  • #aguild{year}-day3
  • #perfguild{year}-day1
  • #perfguild{year-day2
  • #perfguild{year-day3
  • #perfguild{year-general
To add/join a channel in group: https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/205239967-Browsing-and-joining-channels

Is there a Slack Channel?

Yes, you will receive an invite link to the members-only Slack channel when you register. If you can't find the email the link also can be found under the My Account>Join Slack Channel menu option once you Login.

Where do I view the LIVE Q&A

Once you login to your conference you will see a link under the Conference Content table for your conference called {conference name} {year} Live Q&A for example AutomationGuild 2018 Live QA. Also view video above.

How do I access the conference recordings?

Video sessions can be viewed after you login at this URL: https://testguild.com/my-account/ When you're logged in click on the My Conferences menu item. You will see a list of conferences that you are signed up for click on click on the conference that you registered for like AutomationGuild 2018 or PerfGuild 2017 link. This will take you to the main conference page. From here click on the Expand All you will see all the sessions. Click on each session to go to the individual session page to view pre-recorded videos. If you don't see your conference listed send me an email at [email protected]