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Join the 1st annual PerfGuild an online conference and community dedicated 100% to helping YOU succeed with your performance and site reliability testing efforts that took place April 2017.

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Speakers 2017

  • Alex Podelko

    Alex Podelko

  • Mark Tomlinson

    Mark Tomlinson

  • Henrik Rexed

    Henrik Rexed

  • Andreas Grabner

    Andreas Grabner

  • Eran Kinsbruner

    Eran Kinsbruner

  • Jonathon Wright

    Jonathon Wright

Schedule 2017

Took place 8 April till 10 April 2017

  • Performance Testing Best Practices

    Shlomi Nissim

    Join the HPE Performance Engineering team for the keynote session. We will share with you useful tips and tricks for performance testing, which were collected over many years and from many experts. We will discuss concepts and guidelines for designing and executing load testing scenarios, including scenarios involving large numbers of virtual users, large amounts of data, and long-running ones. We will also talk about today’s software delivery challenges, how we embrace them and how we help you overcome them so you can maintain quality at scale.

  • 5 Ways to Make Load Testing Work for You

    Israel Rogoza

    Load testing is a type of software testing used to examine the behavior of a system when subjected to both normal and extreme expected load conditions. As a subset of performance testing, load testing validates a system’s capacity. As you test your system’s performance, what happens when it fails to meet your requirements? How can you improve your performance, and turn a faltering system into one that can deal with rapid change and challenges? In this Session, we’ll discuss five ways you can simulate realistic load testing of your system, mitigate your risks, and create reliable, continuous and automated performance testing for a better and more efficient end-user experience.

  • Reinventing Performance Testing

    Alex Podelko

    The industry is transforming before our eyes and performance testing should change too. A stereotypical, last-moment performance validation in a test lab using an expensive record-playback load testing tool is no longer enough. Alex covers all these factors in his sessions.

  • Effective Performance Engineering

    Todd DeCapua

    ways to get started with Effective Performance Engineering now. After spending much of their careers working in this space, and ongoing discussions that Shane and Todd had, they co-authored a book published by O’Reilly titled “Effective Performance Engineering.” Todd will walk you through how to get started, covering many of the examples and more in-depth stories, so to continue to share proven practices to ensure Effective Performance Engineering for you

  • Queuing Theory & it’s Application in Performance Testing

    Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy

    In this session, Ramya will introduce you to Queuing Theory basics covering the operational laws/principles that have various applications in performance testing. This session will cover practical case studies & some of the foundation concepts which are essential for Performance Testers to have an idea of Performance Modeling & Application Capacity Planning.

  • Advanced Performance Exploration

    Mark Tomlinson

    You’ve spent years mastering load test scripting. You’ve master twelve different transport level protocols while twisting your brain around custom security handling and parallel, dynamic data correlations. But even with all your magic wizardry in automation, there’s still constant nagging and questioning from your peers: “Sure, nice script. But tell me WHY this transaction is slow!?!?” You know, it’s time to take your next big step in exploring performance in the back-end of the system you are testing. We will spend this session learning an overall approach to the process of root-cause analysis, transversing the architecture of the system front-to-back, top-to-bottom. Take a tour of how you can logically walk through each layer, analyzing different metrics and observing different behaviors such as request queuing, latencies, bandwidth capacity and congestion. Learn a simple model for exploring performance that you can apply to any system, any architecture.

  • How to Get Rid of JMeter Constraints

    Guillaume Betaillouloux

    JMeter is a very good tool but it is also commonly qualified as a resource intensive and complex solution. In this session, our expert will show you how OctoPerf optimizes the global JMeter experience from scripting to results in order to optimize your testing experience and go beyond what JMeter offers.

  • iOT Performance Testing

    Henrik Rexed

    IOT is one of the elements of digital transformation, Users are using applications connected to complex architecture receiving data from various objects. Gartner predicts that there will be more than 20 billions connected objects generating data over the Internet. In such complex environment, mixing mobile users, desktop users, and sensors, how do you validate the performance of the IOT platform. This presentation would explain the challenges and suggest to an approach on what type of test could be required. During the presentation, we would explain the logic of designing asynchronous IOT scenario and how to measure response time.

  • Harnessing the Power of JMeter

    Amber Race

    Harnessing the Power of JMeter – If you have used JMeter for simple performance testing tasks, but want to learn more, this is the workshop for you! Unlock the power of JMeter by learning how to take full advantage of its capabilities.

  • Load Testing Done Right with Gatling

    Stephane Landelle

    This talk covers some methodology and tools for load testing, and then focuses on Gatling. Gatling is an open-source load testing tool used to generate virtual users, typically browsing a website.

  • Using Distributed Tracing to Find, and Fix, Latency Problems

    Richard Seroter

    It’s not worth spending time reminiscing about those simpler days when troubleshooting latency was relatively straightforward. Those days are gone. Our apps today are multi-threaded, multi-server, cross data center, with asynchronous and synchronous communication powered by message buses. Combine that with the explosion of micro-services, and you have a remarkably complex topology to traverse. What’s a developer to do? In this talk, we’ll look at Zipkin and the world of distributed tracing. You’ll see how to easily instrument applications and get a call graph that helps you pinpoint problem areas.

  • Performance Testing with Anomaly Detection from Selenium Tests

    Andrew Krug

    In this session, Andrew from will share ways automation engineers can leverage their existing skillsets to help with their team’s performance testing efforts.

  • Performance Testing of Restful Services

    Nagaraju Kancherla

    This session provides an overview of performance testing of service layer followed by a quick demo on load testing of RESTful services using JMeter. Due to time constraints Nagaraju will not be available for Live Q&A

  • API Load Testing Strategies

    Harsh Upreti

    In this talk, we will go through the importance of load testing your back-end APIs. We will learn more about APIs and their performance contracts and see useful load templates to get started with API load testing. We will use LoadUI a popular API performance testing tool. We will walk through examples of REST APIs and also learn how to use distributed load testing for APIs.

  • Performance Engineering Approaches & Analyzing Results

    Rebecca Clinard

    Easy, methodical approaches to designing load tests and analyzing your results.THINK like A Seasoned Performance Engineer and become Very valuable! Here we tackle and simplify the toughest challenge of performance engineering: Analysis of the data derived from load tests. Analysis skills are the MOST important and HIGHLY sought after. Learn how to analyze the sea of collected data to understand the application’s scalability limitations. Isolate Bottlenecks. Deep Dive. Made Easy. This performance engineering course is to teach you to methodical processes to execute the right load tests, instrument the relevant monitoring and properly analyze the results.

  • Shift-Left: Continuous Performance Monitoring in your Delivery Pipeline

    Andreas Grabner

    How does Performance Engineering look like in a world where you get 12 builds per day and not 12 builds per year to load test? One approach is Continuous Performance Monitoring as part of your Delivery Pipeline. Monitoring tools that are normally used for production monitoring only have evolved to provide automated “Performance Signatures” for every build that makes it through the pipeline – seamlessly integrated into your existing load testing environments. The goal of Shift-Left is to give performance feedback faster to engineering. Fully automated! Integrated into your pipeline. This session will show you how this looks like for companies that have made that transition!

  • Centralizing Performance Testing Data with Splunk

    Chris Trimper

    In this session, you’ll discover how to use Splunk to help plot and chart your performance data.

  • Performance Testing for DevOps

    Paola Rossaro

    See how performance testing can become part of your continuous deployment life cycle, to achieve fast deployment of scalable applications.

  • Implementing ‘single user performance testing in CI

    Eran Kinsbruner & Amir Rozenberg

    This session will explain and demonstrate how teams can build an entire “WindTunnel” solution that defines target user “personas” in the mobile space.

  • How to ‘Shift-Right’ in the Performance Lifecycle

    Jonathon Wright

    This session will directly address the ‘Shift-Right’ paradigm; Performance lifecycle from ideation to design, development, testing through to operations and back again. The value-driven delivery approach to validating and verifying non-functional requirements as part of designing, building and deploying next generation platforms such as Smart Cities & IoT.


Took place 8 April till 10 April 2017

Join hundreds of fellow testers and performance engineers at the 1stannual Performance Guild an online conference and community dedicated 100% to helping YOU succeed with your performance testing efforts. A 3 days online conference you can watch all from the comfort of your home.

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Took place 8 April till 10 April 2017

Join hundreds of fellow testers and performance engineers at the 1stannual Performance Guild an online conference and community dedicated 100% to helping YOU succeed with your performance testing efforts. A 3 days online conference you can watch all from the comfort of your home.

Get Instant Access Now!