Why Testers Should Care About Security Testing

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Has the software you’ve developed or tested ever been hacked?

How do you know?

I just read an article on Tech Crunch that hackers went undetected in Citrix internal network for six months! Stealing over 6TB of Sensitive Data.

Motherboard says that a hacker claims the ability to exploit automotive GPS trackers to affect cars remotely, including in some cases turning off engines while the vehicles are in motion.

Scary stuff!

Online Security Testing Conference

Hi, I’m Joe Host of Guild conference, and this is why I created SecureGuild.

An online conference dedicated 100% to helping you succeed in planning and creating tests for some common security exploits.

You’ll discover actionable security tips and tricks form some of the top experts in the field.

These sessions were created to help prevent common exploits that hackers use to gain access to your applications. For example:

• Vandana Verma has a session on Cloud Security and the Myths around it, which could help prevent issues like the ones seen at Citrix.
• Franziska Buehler will be covering security for web application firewalls. This is another common area where hackers try to exploit. In the past, I know that Cisco had announced that they had seen malicious attacks attempting to exploit a critical firewall flaw.

• Jahmel Harris will talk about Hacker Tools for Developers and Testers. (Adding security tests into the pipeline) to show a way to make tools more tester friendly.

• James Rabon shares his experience in automating a static scan into a CI/CD pipeline.
• Adhiran Thirmal has a session on how to help get your teams buy-in for your security testing program
• Dwayne Thomas advises how to make the switch from a QA/QE role to product security. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the demand for folks with security testing skills has never been higher. In fact employment, according to the US National Outlook Handbook, the demand for information security analysts is projected to grow 28 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is much faster than average.
• Hasan Yasar from Carnegie Mellon University will help you to avoid some common challenges when implementing and sustaining a DevSecOps Environment
• Arthur Hicken from Parasoft goes over how to understand the most common secure coding standards in use today.

• Morgan Roman has a cool session that shows how you can leverage your existing functional Selenium tests and leverage them as well for security testing.

• Altaz Valani session on threat modeling at scale is a must to learn how to move from the narrow view of DevOps pipeline to a more risk driven enterprise approach.

• We also have security experts Dr. Jared DeMott and Dawid Balut joining us in the “Ask us anything” session on security testing.

Testers Should Care About Security Testing

I think as testers we should be familiar with as many aspects of testing, as possible and I believe security testing has often overlooked causing an issue like the hacks I mentioned earlier.


So are you in?

If so register now [here] and let’s create a conference of Security Testing Awesomeness together!

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