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In the current era of technological innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a cornerstone in software testing. The widespread adoption of AI necessitates a paradigm shift in quality assurance, requiring testers to upskill and adapt to sophisticated, AI-driven environments. This webinar is crafted for those who aim to navigate the complexities of AI in testing and redefine their approach to meet the demands of this new reality. Join us to gain critical insights and strategies for upskilling QA teams, ensuring they are well-prepared and resilient in the face of rapid technological changes.

During this session, we will explore the integration and impact of AI in Quality Assurance, specifically tailored to enhance the skills and strategies of testing teams in the fintech sector. As AI reshapes software development, it introduces both challenges and opportunities to QA professionals. We will delve into the essential role of AI in accelerating and refining testing processes, facilitating a significant shift from manual testing to advanced AI-driven methodologies.

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Tal Barmeir, CEO and Co-Founder. Tal is a seasoned serial entrepreneur in the testing domain, and boasts an impressive 25 years of experience. Her previous venture, Experitest (now, was at the forefront of providing test automation solutions for mobile apps during the early stages of smartphones. Today, Tal's primary focus is on harnessing the power of AI to empower testers.


Guy Arieli, CTO and Co-Founder. Guy co-founded and was CTO of Experitest (acquired by NASDAQ:TPG) and founded Aqua that was acquired by Matrix (TLV:MTRX). Prior to that, Guy held leadership technology roles in startups & large traded companies including Atrica, Cisco, 3Com, and HP – test automation engineer/lead. Guy holds a BsC Engineering – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and recently completed Machine learning courses in Tel Aviv University.

10:00 AM EDT

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