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Scaling and parallelization of test execution has always been a challenge for functional, end-to-end, and load testing. The most common solution involves licensing proprietary solutions for tool vendors, which overall increases costs and limits flexibility. The scaling and parallelization issue is just one of many in the overall test execution process. From defining, triggering, scaling, troubleshooting, and ultimately reporting on test executions, organizations have had to build home grown systems that are far from optimal. Testkube is the first Test Orchestration Platform for cloud native applications.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Walk through the problems organizations face with Test Orchestration
  • Demo how Testkube's innovative approach solves these issues

Testkube supports all automated testing tools, but we will focus on running Playwright tests in this session.

Learn more about Testkube here.


Bruno Lopes is a product manager who has been working on the cloud ecosystem as a grant researcher, full-stack developer, and for the past several years, as product manager for Kubeshop.


Ole Lensmar

Ole is CTO of Kubeshop. He started building HTTP/XML-based APIs in the late '90s and has served as CTO at several startups and companies since then, including SmartBear, and as product architect at Ambassador Labs. Ole was co-founder of base8, an XML-oriented consulting company, and Eviware Software, where he created SoapUI, one of the most used open source testing tools. He served as the chairman of the OpenAPI Initiative from its inception in early 2016 until late 2020.

11:00 AM EST

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