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Learn how top enterprises are preparing themselves to embrace continuous testing in 2024.

Perfecto and BlazeMeter by Perforce surveyed hundreds of leading digital enterprises across a wide range of industries to answer this question. Now, the results are in!

In this webinar, Perforce continuous testing experts Mina Sprengeler and John Boebinger will take a closer look at what these enterprise testing professionals had to say as part of this survey. They will break down what challenges teams are facing, their main focuses, and what enterprises are doing to address their continuous testing concerns in the new year.

Watch to learn:

  • The biggest challenges teams face in automation and ways to solve them.
  • Which tools teams rely on for testing and why.
  • Emerging trends for testing in 2024.

And more!

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Mina Sprengeler

Mina Sprengeler is a Sales Engineer at Perfecto. With a background in consulting and front-end web development, Mina is passionate about problem-solving and strategizing ways to address any enterprise challenge. She brings that same passion to Perfecto by helping companies improve their DevOps pipeline through faster and more scalable testing.

John Bobinger

John Boebinger has been involved in software development for more than 40 years. His career began at Digital Equipment Corp as a Software Development Manager responsible for the production of products such as VAX VTX and TeamLinks. In 1998, he joined CA Technologies, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2018. Currently, he is a consultant for the Enterprise Software Division delivering BizOps, which is a new approach to data-driven decision making that connects business operations and technology functions together to drive business outcomes.

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