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End-to-end testing is essential for monitoring your applications to ensure your users can get through their key journeys as expected. The shift towards agile development workflows has made it increasingly time consuming for teams to create and maintain these tests, especially when they deploy code changes on a daily basis.

Some key challenges to traditional testing include:

  • Writing code to test your applications can limit the number of people who can create tests and takes bandwidth away from your engineering team
  • Maintaining your own infrastructure to deploy and run tests is challenging and costly
  • Siloed testing and monitoring tools for troubleshooting that remain separate from your existing monitoring stack

Datadog Synthetic Monitoring enables application engineering, quality assurance, and DevOps/SRE teams to simplify, automate, and scale their testing workflow.

Join us for a demo on how to:

  • Quickly configure API tests to verify your endpoints and simplify test creation with no-code, self-healing browser and mobile tests that simulate real user journeys
  • Test comprehensively across global locations, browsers, devices and network protocols
  • Shift-left by incorporating synthetic tests into your CI/CD pipeline for earlier issue detection and to ensure safe releases

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Mike is a Product Manager for Synthetic Testing and Monitoring based in New York City. With over 8 years of experience bringing products to market, he's worked across a number of categories from analytics to search to testing. He's currently focused on building the Synthetic Testing and Monitoring offering at Datadog to make testing easier, faster and smarter. In his free time he loves to play basketball and watch movies.

Bridgitte is a Product Marketing Manager for Synthetic Testing and Monitoring at Datadog. Prior to Datadog, she was a product marketer at a leading training data platform for artificial intelligence. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she currently lives in New York City and enjoys swimming and running in her free time.

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